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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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honor. >> congressman alan wes says he will not apologize to debbie wasserman shoults for calling her the most vial member of congress. we will hear what mr. wes has to say. >> chris brown beat his girlfriend >> he uses the "n" word, the c word, the f word, yet, he is treated like royalty? >> bill: big name rammers are after laura ingraham for criticizing them. miss laura will tell us if she is upset by that she is very upset that a baggage handler stole some of her stuff. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. ♪ happy birthday mr. president. >> bill: also ahead, the great american news quiz, the corruption edition. how much do you know about abysmal behavior? >> it depends upon what the meaning of the word is is. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the tea party self-destructive? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. from the beginning i have supported the tea party because i believe it empowers indidual americans always a good thing. also the tea party wants fiscal responsibility and a smaller federal government. again, those are good things as well. but now the tea party has come to a crossroads. some of its members simply do not want to raise the debt ceiling and that could be catastrophic. today, standard and poor's met with republicans in the house to tell them there is a 50/50 chance america's a.a.a. bond rating will be cut if no debt compromise is reached. the goal of any legislation should be to strengthen the country. there is a way to raise the national debt ceiling while at the same time drastically cutting federal spending and reforming the unfair tax code.
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if america starts to spend responsibly the national debt will come down and there will be no need to ever raise the debt ceiling again. so the tea party people should reassess the issue. i mean, when you have a senator like tom coburn, very staunch conservative and fiscal hawk, when you have him willing to compromise, you have to take notice. in addition, the tea party should be looking out for itself. remember, the yippee movement in the 1960's, at one point it had some power and influence but it blew up because it was fanatical. and americans turned away. right now 19% of registered voters consider themselves part of the tea party movement, according to a fox news survey. that includes 25% republicans, 13 hers independents and 6% democrats. but 19% is not enough to carry the day on anything. and if the tea party is perceived by most americans as being unreasonable, it will not grow any larger. in fact, if a compromise on the debt is not reached, and the economy gets even worse, the tea party will be blamed. at this point in history the tea
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party could become a tremendous force for good in the country. but it could also evaporate. most americans do not like extremism in politics. we need a sane compromise. a tough economic reform in this country. i hope the tea party will be a part of it. that's the memo. now let's bring in laura ingraham. she is the author of the brand new best seller. "of thee i zing." she joins us now from washington. am i going wrong once again? >> you seem, bill, of buying into the elite talking points on the tea party movement. i hate to say. this but the idea that the tea party is being radical or unreasonable merely because the tea party believes that the government should live within its means and that we should have visible, real and meaningful cuts to spending now not in years from now. i don't think that jives with reality, bill,.
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the debt deal isn't going to happen unless there is a compromise. 38 will signed a pledge they will not vote for a compromise unless there is a constitutional amendment that says you have to balance the budget. now, i support a constitutional amendment that says that. but it's not going to happen for years. because the democrats block as you know. two thirds of the states have to ratify such a constitutional amendment. it will take years. so these people are basically saying they are not going to vote for a compromise no matter what it is. unless -- >> -- now, look, i think you make a good point. there is some things so far in this quote gang of six, i hate the whole word gang. i think we can get away from that. >> bill: i never use it the whole terminology is tedious. look, there are a couple things in this as far as we know, we know very few details about something that's supposed to be this wonderful, grand idea, very
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bare bone details. one of the things we do know it would drop rates. highest rate would go from 35 to 29. i think that's interesting. i know, you are saying it's important to talk about that with all due respect. you are saying the tea party movement is being unreasonable. and even radical. you are comparing them to the yippees of the 60's. which is quite a threat. >> bill: in the american public perceives them to be unreasonable and do not compromise they are done. >> the "new york times," you are a absolutely right thinks they are radical. >> bill: i don't care what the "new york times" says. i don't do my evaluations on them: look, when tom coburn comes forth and he is one the six senators. >> not infallible. >> bill: doesn't matter if he sin fallible or not. you can't get more conservative and more fiscally angry than him. he says that a compromise is needed and you still say it ain't then you are extremist. >> bill, you just said you don't want to talk about the details.
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i think that's where the rub is here. we don't know what is in the so-called gang of six proposal. and we're talking about the need to. >> glom on to. this. >> bill: i don't know why you don't understand. this okay. i guess i'm not as smart as you. >> not on this issue. 38 sitting congressman people not going to vote for any compromise, laura. nothing. not going to do it ever. that's extremist position. >> bill. if they believe that they campaigned on a prince 'pal and they were elected on fulfilling and living up to that principal. i would not say that was radical. i would say that's honest. you are right there. are different ways to approach this. not saying there is any one path for you to say it's radical, a cnn poll, go ahead. >> bill: it's a cnn poll, laura. it's a poll. >> there are a r. a lot of polls out there. >> 66% of americans want a
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compromise. if a tea party blocks a compromise and if they succeed in doing, this i don't think they will. the tea party is done, finished, over. it's going to be branded as it already is unfairly. it's already branded unfairly, okay? i fought against that. but if they block the compromise and this economy goes south, all right, no more tea party. it's gone. >> okay. well, i'm not disagreeing with you necessarily about the fact that people don't need to move on the issue. i think the way you are framing it is is really unfair to these people and a promise. >> i'm giving you the facts don't know what they are thinking about. cut cap and balance. >> when the details come out, we will debate the details. >> how can we talk about a compromise? we can't talk about a compromise. >> you can't put in stone. michele bachmann made a major mistake saying she is not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling no matter. what that was a major mistake. >> i'm defending a broad brush
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abroach to describing the, quote, tea party candidates out there. i would say if you match their views on fiscal issues, you probably go down the list, they are pretty much mainstream as compared to where the left wing part of the democratic party is i think the tea party suspect more in line with the people. >> bill: i hope you are right because i like the tea party and i would like to seat tea party instead of 19% have 29%, 3%. because we want people to have power in their own states and communities and that's what the tea party is about. look. i'm doing the tea party a favor here by telling them what's going to happen if they're perceived by 66% of the country. >> i agree with you. they will be branded, yes. they will be branded by certain people and certain organizations. >> bill: if you and i can compromise, then certainly they can. >> i don't know if we can compromise. i am just teasing you. >> bill: we will bring you back in a moment. because you are having a big, big controversy with some
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rappers. of course we are on lawyer wraps side. somebody stole some of her stuff at the airport. you better not let me know who that is. also on the run down congressman alan west says he will not apologize for hammering debbie was sermon shoults. >> would you be prepared to apologize in any way, sir? >> that's not happening, stewart. >> bill: right back with those reports.
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>> bill: continuing now with laura ingraham the author of the big best seller "of thee i zinc." last friday on the factor miss laura said this. >> whatever you think of his music. chris brown beat his girlfriend to a pulp. he uses the most degrading that massage nist liar ricks and trashed nbc studio yet is he treated like royalty? >> bill: in response chris brown tweeted quote they mad because of the level of real people who live in this world. not to mention their ratings probably s word ed. apparently does not live on this planet. they mad. you mad? >> that was one of the cleaner -- you guys chose one of the cleaned up versions of the tweets. most of the stuff was you couldn't actually say it on "the o'reilly factor." yeah, look.
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we decided to take on the nbc showcasing chris brown. is he a hugely popular recording artist. we know that i think it's a useful conversation especially when i'm talking about the culture and doing a cultural intervention to look at what his represent represents a couple years after he beat up his girlfriend rihanna. if there is redemption there, that's great. in the lyrics it continues to echo this very negative and depraved attitude toward women. >> bill: actually, did he you a favor. >> yeah, is he one of my favorite -- i say ray charles, oscar peterson and chris brown. >> bill: arita franklin. >> i never heard one of his songs. >> you are not missing much. >> bill: i'm an earth, wind and fire guy. >> he did you a favor. >> >> bill: this guy gets on board and attacks you which then goes out over the crazy internet
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tweeting system or whatever it's called. so everybody knows you and so he did you a favor. >> yeah. his posse. he has a posse and lots of friends in the hip hop rap community. 50 crept came-cent came out. 50 i call him quarter. he comes out and slams me. it's fine. same degrading lyrics and degrading words that are used. >> bill: he mad? >> yeah. there is a little issue with sin tax and grammar. whatever. it's all dispossibly language right now. they proved my point. it's music. it's what the kids listen to. it actually infuses the way they deal with people. they can't answer an argument so they just you know attack me. >> bill: come on the program here and mr. brown and mr. fity or whatever he is. they are welcome to come on. >> call him curtis jackson is his real name. >> bill: i did this with ludacris five or six years ago. he was doing the pepsi thing.
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>> it's gotten worse. >> bill: you are absolutely right it's gotten worse. it's now more accepted. pepsi cancelled the contract back then. >> now it's mainstream. giving him the big applause line. >> bill: that makes your point in the book. so you are trying to fly from newark, new jersey to denver, colorado. and you are on the flight and somebody steals stuff from your bag? how did that happen? >> yeah. i was rushing from, you know, subbing for someone you can't replace you on friday night and rushed to the airport. we're on the book tour, going to denver. everything good. my producer, collaborator is with me. we just checked the luggage. i never check bags. i'm not one of those non-checkers. checked the luggage was obviously tired. left a jewelry bag that a friend of mine loaned me. in it were -- most of them were not my pieces of jewelry my cross i wear unfortunately was in that bag that had a lot of sentimental. >> you think one of the bag bang handlers took it? >> we are doing a factor
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investigation. now. >> bill: good. >> t.s.a. is looking into it continental finally called me. and the port authority police at new jersey at newark are really great guys. they are trying to find out. what we found out, bill. more interesting than some jewelry loss. we found out that behind closed doors when that baggage goes down that conveyor belt. we found out there are not cameras every step of the way. so if someone is taking stuff out of bags, criminals, then someone can introduce an item into a bag which obviously raises a security issue. >> bill: they should have cameras back there because they have to look and see what's going on with the bag badge in this age of terror and this isn't you, laura, this theft is just all over the place. >> a lot of people are getting stuff stolen. we found out hundreds across the country. >> bill: directly ahead, can president obama overcome the bad economy and get reelected? there is dramatic new stats out that you should know about.
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stuart varney analyze them in a moment.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, barack obama trying to position himself as a voice of moderation on the debt crisis. look at this chart. under president clinton the national debt increased by about $547 million a day. under president bush it increased by 1.6 billion per day. and under president obama, the national debt is expanding by an unbelievable $4.1 billion every single day. now, that's a road to bankruptcy. do americans understand what's happening. near now fox business anchor stewart varney. you see him 9:20 a.m. like the subway. 9:20 barney will be here. now, you saw laura ingraham and i and i know we are getting a
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lot of nasty mail about that we respect each other. i say at this point in the nation's history, absolutely need to compromise on this. but with deep spending cuts as the headline. that has to be the headline. >> yes. >> there are republicans, tea party people who just won't compromise and you say? >> i say compromise. avoid at all costs a downgrade of america's financial recommendation. avoid at all costs any chance of a default on our loans. period. >> bill: standard and poor's walked into congress today to tell them the same thing, did they not. >> they were invited in. the republicans asked s&p to come in and address them on the subject of the downgrade. >> bill: why did they do that? >> 38 who signed the pledge not to compromise. >> maybe the conversation went the other way. maybe the republicans said to s&p saying you guys blew it in the great crisis of '08. don't below it again. stop threatening us with the downgrade. i don't know. it could have gonna way. >> bill: we will find out. now, all indications are that
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president obama, by the polls, by the polls isn't getting tarred with this debt crisis. it's not getting hung around his neck. >> that's true. >> it's being hung around the republican's neck. if you look at the chart we just put up. can we put that chart back um again? look at this ladies and gentlemen. this is what i am talking about to the tea party and republican party. this is an amazing thing. but the president could escape responsibility if the republicans are deemed as extreme i.s. even -- extremists. even though the facts are it's his fault. >> i think the president wins politically short-term by making the republicans look -- they are stubborn. they won't budge. if you look at that chart, what is really worrisome is the pace at which we are expanding our debt. >> bill: of course. of course. >> that's the fright thing thing. that's what makes a downgrade more likely. it would be a downgrade on president obama's watch. that's where he loses.
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>> he should lose the fact that he spent that much money. >> correct, yes. >> bill: i don't know if americans understand that it's $4.1 billion a day. >> the deficit today, is 10 times bigger than what it was in 2007. >> that's all you need to run on. see, to me, if you can be perceived, any political party can be perceived as reasonable and you just run on that, you win. okay. you talk to congressman west who would not talk to me. i'm very insulted that he would not talk to me. a lot of people won't. and you asked him about the brouhaha. >> i did. >> bill: with debbie wasserman shoults. let's roll the tape. >> would you be willing to apologize in any way, sir? >> that's not happening, stewart. actually, this is a pattern that i referred to in that email goes back to october 2010 when the congresswoman wasser isman shoults ordered a protest outside of my campaign headquarters in deerfield,
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beach. this is something that has continued on and finally i think that i do have the right to stand up and defend my honor. >> bill: i think so, too. but the mistake, i think the congressman is making is that wasser isman shoults attacked him using the democratic propaganda that the republican party and congressman west wants to throw the old people off the medical roles so that people can have private jets. that's got to be confronted, don't you think? >> yes. congressman west responded very very forcefully. he thought that his honor as a human being been impugned by debbie wasser isman shoults. he felt he had been dishonored. is he a military guy. is he a blunt guy. he comes right back with a very harsh email. >> he says she is vial and all that business. don't you think he could have used the opportunity to convince people that his view of the issue, of the entitlement issue and spend something better off for elderly people and all of that? that's what i would used it for.
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>> i think he could have turned it around to his ad vantage. is he a man of honor. a blunt military guy. he said to me, look, don't poke me in the chest because i will come right back at you. that's what he did. maybe he could have used softer language. perhaps he should have. >> bill: i think he should have gone after her the way he wanted. >> to i think he should have apologized. >> bill: he used words that were forceful because of he said as you felt his honor was impound. i don't have any problem with that i do think that he could have used the occasion to expand what it is that we are talking about, self-demagoguing by republicans of the democrats throwing granny off the cliff. that's simply not true. >> bill: did prosecutors in the casey anthony trial do something that is possibly illegal? we'll present the facts and debate it with geraldo. and then, americans out of control. new survey says nearly 25% of us bing drink. wow. we hope you stay tuned to those
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, casey anthony is mia. few people hiding out. report she is on geraldo rivera's boat he said no. we sent scuba people to find out. computer expert john bradley to testified for the prosecution was quoted in the "new york times" as saying he made a mistake when he said casey anthony's computer showed a search for chloroform 84 times. "times" story ensign united states the prosecution didn't report mr. bradley's mistake to the court. however bradley's attorney secretary of state the media reports about the chloroform are erroneous. here now a man deeply involved. why are you holding her on that boat. >> have you been on that vessel. >> bill: it leaks. >> it's not a yacht it's a vintage sailboat 40 years long. >> like a a row boat. >> sailed it around the world. may not be a row boat.
5:30 am
>> bill: this was actually taken seriously. >> the associated press picked up the story. the various celebrity web sites all went with it. >> bill: she is on your boat. >> she son my boat. definite live they got to my brother craig and said we know for a fact that she is on that boat and you better give us the real skinny. >> bill: you know what? maybe this is saying to you geraldo rivera, you are too close to this case. you are too close to the defense. you are too close to them and now everybody has branded you as an ally of casey anthony. >> sailing too much and spending too much time at sea. >> bill: you see my point, right? >> i see your point. rye he jecket the -- i reject the point. >> bill: you are now identified as being closest to casey anthony and her defense team. >> of all the reporters in this nation, in the world, i think i have been the fairest, one of the few not to exaggerate the prosecution's preposterous claims or to denigrate all of the defense allegations that tended to exculpate the accused.
5:31 am
the jury. >> bill: the unintended consequence of that. >> get to the unintended consequence because i don't care much about that. the jury, before they even did any deliberations, voted 10-2 for acquittal on capital murder. she never should have been charged with capital murder. we have had that discussion. i think that being right sometimes, and i hate to say, this being right is its own justification. >> bill: maybe. >> i had it right. the prosecution case was weak and it was the hideous behavior by the defendant following the death of the child that characterized her as a flood in her own defense attorney's words and public piled on. that is why they are so shocked because they listened to the cable mongerrers on other networks, particularly who did exactly as they drummed up a lynch mob and the chloroform is the classic example of that. >> bill: it was corrected because we went back to the court transcripts and baez,
5:32 am
ms. anthony's attorney, knew about everything. it doesn't look like the defense did -- the prosecution did anything wrong here. >> that's -- i disagree. >> bill: they corrected the record. >> i disagree. >> bill: they corrected it, geraldo. >> that's not right. in the prosecution's closing arguments, they stressed that chloroform evidence. they knews at at the time of the closing arguments that the color storm searches did not take place as their witness had testified there were never 81 searches there was one search. >> bill: then why did mr. baez tell the jury in the closing arguments that the discrepancy was brought forward in court testimony and, again, it was not correct. >> what baez was referring, to there were two computer experts there was the defense computer expert from one company. there was the prosecution computer expert from another company. the defense computer expert testified there was only one search. the prosecution computer expert testified there were 84 severance. and if you were to poll our
5:33 am
viewers right now tonight they will tell you they heard 84 chloroform searches. >> bill: they heard it. i heard it the record was corrected. >> the record was never corrected. what the computer expert is suggesting is that he attempted to reach the prosecution to tell the pollution that he had testified incorrectly. the prosecution initially did not respond baez. >> bill: give you the fact on june 27th that's eight days -- the discrepancy in the chloroform was discussed with mr. baez. and both he and the prosecution agreed to use the one search. that was eight days. >> bill: bill, if you allow the prosecution to escape scrutiny. >> of the 84 chloroform searches, i was in court for the closing arguments. they relied heavily on the chloroform evidence.
5:34 am
>> bill: are you going to say i'm wrong on that. >> i will say the prosecution never corrected the record. i will say contactually that. exactly that. they never corrected the record. their defense is that bradley, reaching out to the prosecution, that his emails and telephone calls to them were quote, unquote. misdirected. >> bill: unintended consequence that's geraldo rivera are sympathetic to casey anthony. >> as i said on this program i'm sympathetic to the justifiable. >> bill: do you believe the jury is sympathetic to her. >> i have said that her behavior was reprehensible. i have said that it is probable that she had something to do with the death of that child, whether by accident or by other own. i'm sympathetic to people who are wounded and underdogs. i hope she is put it together. understand the enormity of what happened in that household. >> bill: are you going to get the first interview, geraldo? >> i very well may.
5:35 am
>> bill: can i be there with you fair and balanced? >> i think that i'm fair and balanced in and of myself. >> bill: let me just be around. i will bring coffee. >> can you come back to the vets vessel. you can be a dock hand on voyager. >> bill: show -- >> you get sea sick. people should know that. >> bill: nearly 25% of americans binge drink and many of us take illegal drugs as well. what is going on. the culture warriors are next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympms. but if you have arthris, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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for a body in motion.
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what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly. culture warrior seeing: substance abuse outfit says nearly 25% of americans now binge drink that is have five alcoholic drinks in one sitting. 10% of americans have used marijuana in the past year. so, what does this say about the country? here now the culture warriors
5:39 am
from los angeles, leslie marshall in for gresham carlson and from washington margaret hoar the author of the brand new book "american vism how individualism how new generation of conservatives can save the republican party." why are they doing it in such great numbers? i guess they always have. that's why we had prohibition in this country it seems to be socially acceptable now. >> i disagree that it's socially acceptable to binge drink. i don't think the numbers are that big. one in five isn't that much when you consider. >> bill: almost one in four. >> if you look at the numbers, too, bill, they are going down. down. drinking is going down. >> bill: among younger people they are. hoover, among younger people it's declining a little bit. but, binge drink something big up big among so-called mature adults. but i don't understand. i guess maybe it's hard times leslie when you are in hard times it's hard to earn a living. don't have money.
5:40 am
pressure is all over the place. people want to escape. might that be it. >> that's it, bill. everybody is lighting up a joint and drinking because it's obama's fault. no. i mean,. >> bill: i didn't blame obama. i'm saying in general it's tough times in the country. it's not happy days are here again. >> you know what it is? we have, as much as i love my nation and my fellow americans. and i was guilty of this in college, bill, we have a society of excessiveness. we drink to excessiveness. and college people were drinking until they passed out or threw up. >> bill: no doubt. >> numbers are not huge. and i understand they seem huge for the older population. i don't think it's because we are on hard times. sure somebody might drink an extra cocktail because they are bummed out of work. we have this idea that we have to do everything to excess. not one tv five. not a tv that's this five. we have to have 60-inch. >> bill: there is a reason why it feels good, do it. that was the 60's drug culture. there is a reason why that
5:41 am
people do whatever. but the unintended consequences are bad. i mean the medical america -- marijuana ruz is -- >> i couldn't agree with you more. drink something one thing and as long as you are over your legal drinking age and drinking responsibly, i'm fine with that and not as worried about those numbers especially because they are going down. toking as you call it, medical marijuana i think is the biggest ruse we have got going in this country. >> bill: people on the road behind the wheel not a good thing. institute of medicine advises the u.s. government. and it says that leslie, the u.s. department of health and human services should pay for everybody's birth control and women, in the world. should pay -- that would cost $4 billion a year just pill.
5:42 am
you as a liberal have to agree that all birth control for all women should be paid for by the government, correct? >> absolutely. because when you are talking about costs, bill, the cost upfront is very little in comparison to the cost in the long run. >> bill: 4 billion a year, leslie, that's not little. >> no, the cost in the long run, the savings in the long run will be greater because, as you know, about half of the pregnancies right now are unplanned, unwanted. there are going to be less abortions. >> bill: that's a big plus. >> less people on welfare. less people on medicaid. less people on food stamps. >> bill: maybe, maybe not. >> health issues for woman and the child. >> bill: it goes back to our previous segment. many who get pregnant blasted out of-mile-an-hour mind when they have sex not going to use birth control anyway. >> bill: should the federal government pony up. >> absolutely not. not because i'm for having lower cost bitter control. leslie has highlighted the philosophical difference between
5:43 am
conservatives andlicious on this issue. i want health care costs to come down. i don't think the government should pay for it create actual rereal reforms. >> bill: fewer abortions if you did give out birth control for free. >> i'm all for lower price birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies. i would like to see the data for sure there is going to be fewer abortions. yes we want fewer abortions. we want to limit unintended pregnancies. it doesn't mean the answer is the government. liberals want to throw money to fix it. >> bill: liberals want money for everything. you want ipad don't you leslie paid for bye bye the government. >> i always hear from my buddy's on the right that you are complaining about the cost of social programs such as foster care such as welfare, such as medicaid. this is way to cut that cost. >> bill: when does it end? healthy food. it never ends, healthy foods so they won't eat diseases. never ends. great american news quiz the
5:44 am
corruption edition. how much do you know about awful behavior. the quiz is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz the corruption edition. here now the quiz kids fox news anchors martha maccallum playing for anglo. ken moore, new york. "fox & friends" guy steve doocy representing nancy from pal meira, virginia. if you would like to win some nifty prizes go to bill o' and sign up. free. everything is free here. >> giving it away. >> experts. corruption, corruption. here would he go. monica lewenski scandal ken starr what he said was misconduct. >> no serious objective observer doubts that there was rampant,
5:48 am
flagrant abuse of power and a lot of people who should have been commenting on it were stunningly silent. >> since lewenski scandal, currently the president of what college? cards up, please. come on, doocy. >> i know it's in texas. >> just raise the card. baylor. both wrong. i know it's in texas. >> i knew it was in texas, too. >> bill: he was in pepperdine but he transferred over to the baylor bears. question two, we hope you are smarter than maccallum and doocy. karl woodward and enter stein helped expose water break in. they did that with an inside source named deep throat. >> go on the record. but if he would, we know he would implicate chapman. and that would put you inside
5:49 am
the house. white house. how high up? >> you are going to have to find that out for yourself. >> bill: in 2005 a man named mark felt came forward and identified himself as deep throat. what was his position during the watergate scandal? answer is b. following back into bad habits. baylor. >> baylor. that's important. >> bill: doocy up one. three to go. bernie madoff. hate him. operated the largest ponzi scheme in history. defaulting now, madoff snader hollywood types steven spielberg and which actor charlie sheen,
5:50 am
kevin bacon. harrison ford tom cruise. who invested with madoff. cards up, please. the answer is roll the tape. >> assume the position. >> thank you, sir, may i have another? [ laughter ] >> what a great moment for kevin bacon? was that him? >> smells like bacon to me. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> no. >> bill: steve doocy everyone. doocy at you both got that right. stunning. question number four, widely reported that president kennedy while in office had an affair with marilyn monroe. what? ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday, mr. president ♪ happy birthday to you.
5:51 am
>> bill: excellent rendition. all right. i don't know if i want that at my kids' birthday. >> father joseph also a hit with the hollywood crowd. he had a lengthy affair with which actress? >> bill: cards up please. that is correct gloria swanson. on the corruption level we know the tawdry tabloid stuff. >> of course. >> bill: important stuff we are not sure. >> like which university ken starr works at. >> bill: steve doocy leads with one to go maccallum. >> this is true. >> bill: question number five ted kennedy got a slap on wrist i might have the death of mary jo in the chap quit that incident. >> i made repeated efforts to save mary jo by diving in the
5:52 am
murky current succeeded in only increasing my state of utter exhaustion and alarm. >> bill: a bit sceptic call of that but mary jo and some other women who had been at the party the night of the accident had been workers on who's political campaign? this is it let's see if maccallum can tie. cards up, please. let's go. yes. maccallum ties. a lucky guess. >> it wasn't a lucky guess. i knew they were in massachusetts. >> bill: three and a half minutes to get the card up. >> why is it a lucky guess if i get it right. >> bill: no. i noticed the card wasn't up quickly. >> i didn't want him to watch and see which one i lifted up before did i it. >> bill: nancy and both win the great prizes. pinheads and patriots in a
5:53 am
moment. the wife of juan williams tears into npr. wait until you hear this. p and p moments away. [ male annocer ] things seem better with travelocity's best price guarantee. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring the wife of juan williams hammering npr. >> but first, you need a nifty t-shirt to defy the heat. that would be the navy seals 1,
5:55 am
bin laden 0 shirt. if you become a premium member you get the shirt free. all the money goes to charity. >> now the mail: >> bill: because he did. i thought that was obvious. ross is tough on everyone. during the primaries he did a report assigning president obama to tony rezko that report was very tough on mr. obama. >> bill: bingo. that's all she has to say and the issue dies. >> bill: wonder who referring to.
5:56 am
>> bill: not buying it. about freewill and free market. capitalism gives the most people the most chance to prosper. the other economic systems are not even close. >> bill: total distortion. you should be ashamed. no whining, just reporting. i stated the survey was not meant to belittle the poor. of. >> bill: for someone who doesn't donate hundreds of thousands to the poor every year. >> bill: no, she didn't. she outright attacked him!
5:57 am
and he replied. >> bill: you have two chances. westbury august 20th, connecticut october 29th. you can drove to both places from your house. >> finally, i. juan williams was fired by npr for voicing an opinion the organization didn't like. now his wife tells news max that npr people did not treat her well in social situations. she believes it had to do with her race. because there are so view african-americans working at npr. she went on to say she has been treated much better by fox news folks. that's a brave statement. obviously she is angry with npr for mistreating her husband but gets specific on assessment. we believe mrs. williams is a patriot. juan will be here monday he
5:58 am
has a new book about his experience at npr. looking forward to that. >> check out the fox news factor website. talking points memo each evening right there we would like you to spout off about the factor. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a barbermonger, when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. today is friday, july 22nd. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. did these two strike a deal or not? new details from behind closed doors on the potential debt deal
5:59 am
that's already angering democrats. >> but the critics say let's not rush to conclusions. >> i have been asking the republicans in the house and in the senate, don't cave! >> don't cave! will stonewalling the white house really lead to disaster or is that what new republicans were elected to do in the first place just last november? >> all right, they lost his luggage. now this country singer taking his revenge. >> ♪ there goes tiger airways their we don't care ways you got a complaint f stand in line you got a problem? that's your problem they don't want to solve it they'll ignore you ♪ >> johnny cash must be smiling wherever he is. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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